QUACKS Token Summary

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Phase 2 progress

$79,645 out of $299,414 raised

Phase 2.1

Enhancement of Smart Contract Capabilities

Implementation of new smart contract features with extensive security audit

Continuous lender yield delivery

Automated exit thresholds for borrowers

Simple and compound interest models

Obscure Asset Recognition (e.g. LP tokens) as accepted collateral on loans

Budget: $53,684.21

$53,684.21 raised


~6 months

Phase 2.2

User Experience and Branding Elevation

Engage with a leading UX and branding studio to craft a duckpools brand identity, branding assets, website design, and site plan

Funding for the initial overhaul of the user interface

Funding for the initial development of the v2 smart-contract upgradeable design

Additional funding for security audits on smart-contracts

Budget: $48,947.37

$25,961.09 raised


~4 months

Phase 2.3

Initial Implementation of Version 2 User Interface

Implement the first iteration of the user interface as designed by the UX/branding agency

Develop and integrate comprehensive dashboards for lending pools, offering lenders greater insights and analysis tools

Advance the development of upgradeable contract structures to enhance the platform’s adaptability and functionality

Budget: $58,947.37

$0 raised


~4 Months post-funding of Subphase 2.3 OR 5 Months post-funding of Subphase 2.2, whichever is later

Phase 2.4

Finalization and Launch

Complete the revamp of the user interface, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience

Complete the development of the upgradeable contract frameworks

Implement pending state indicators within the user interface to improve UX

Introduce a comprehensive user dashboard feature, offering an overview of user debt and lending positions

Budget: $77,736.1

$0 raised


~4 Months post-funding of Subphase 2.4 OR 6 Months post-funding of Subphase 2.2, whichever is later

Phase 2.5

Expansion of Governance, Engagement, and Features

Build on and complete planned upgrades to the existing governance system

Enhance social media presence and engagement strategies to foster a vibrant community and user base

Introduce advanced trading features, including leverage options, to cater to a wider array of trading strategies and preferences

Allocate more resources to security audits and bug bounties

Budget: $60,098.95

$0 raised


~4 Months post funding of subphase 2.5 OR 6 Months post funding of subphase 2.3, whichever is later

duckpools progress


Phase 1

Early Development

Launch duckpools protocol without lending and borrowing limits, introduce foundational features and implement token governance mechanisms.

Phase 2

Platform Fruition

Implement numerous platform features to reach industry standards, engage with UX design agencies and fund additional marketing and branding.

Phase 3

Platform Extension

Expand on baseline offerings and introduce innovative features unique to the duckpools protocol. Extend the use cases duckpools provides to it's users.